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" I never approached Rita as a female action character, I just saw her as this lethal powerhouse who was pretty much the toughest person I’ve come across. It was exciting to approach her in that way, you know? She wasn’t this kind of butch woman, she had gotten to where she was by being savvy and intelligent and determined, and I think that’s what excited me – the spirit she had, the chutzpah she had (laughs), and courage she had. She’s an incredibly courageous character. " - Emily Blunt on Rita Vrataski

Bossy Charlie ♥ (San Diego Comic Con 2014)

Lana Del Rey for Rolling Stone Magazine



a pod of eleven killer whales - a family of two adults and nine juveniles - was discovered trapped in the ice of the hudson bay off the coast of the small inuit village of inukjuak. confined for two days in the small breathing hole, the whales began to panic as they tried unsuccessfully to find another breathing hole and their way to sea.

while an icebreaker ship would typically be brought in to free the orcas, the closest crew was thirty six hours away, so the villagers decided to cut a half mile of holes for the killer whales to travel through on their way to open water. the village mayor noted that it was unusual to see orcas in the area in january, but that the waters were late to freeze this year.

photos by maggie okituk and marina lacasse




I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam and Dean would take one look at Night Vale and burn it to the ground, civilians be damned.

i’ve come to the conclusion sam and dean would drive into night vale and spontaneously combust from being exposed to sexual and racial diversity and women who don’t die within a week


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The credit for survivors escape has landed on Gale´s shoulders although he`s loath to accept it. (….) Gale had two sets of bows and arrow, one hunting knife, one fishing net, and over 800 terrified people to feed.


Dean teaches Haley how to shoot. (huntershelper25)

They drive out to an empty field Haley assures Dean will remain empty for their shooting lesson. She sits in the passenger seat, humming along with the radio as she taps out the tune on her bare leg. She’s wearing a pair of shorts that steal his attention and she has to tell him twice to keep his eyes on the road.

When the arrive, the Impala’s tires kick up dust and gravel that settles quickly as Dean chooses which gun to start her with. He stands over the open trunk, contemplating silently with Haley standing impatiently at his side. “Just give me the one you taught Sam with,” Haley suggests, her arms crossed over her chest loosely. Dean considers, picks up the Glock and turns it over in his hand before shaking his head and putting it back in its place.

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Haley tells Dean that she’s pregnant. (underthosesamestarsx)

It was the same argument they’ve had every time Dean catches wind of another hunt. Haley doesn’t want him to leave, again, and Dean understands that. However, he has a life and a job to do outside of Tree Hill and he just wants Haley to accept that. Usually, she gives in and huffs in frustration but she understands. This time, the fiery woman has dug her claws in and she’s out for blood.

"You know what I do, Haley. You know I can’t stick around long," Dean insists, throwing his hands up in the air like it can’t be helped. In his mind, it can’t. He’s a child of the road. The asphalt calls to him and he’s got to answer. It’s a matter of his sanity. He’s explained it to her a dozen times by now, but she doesn’t seem to be understanding this time. Shaking his head, he scratches his jaw absently. "There’s a case in Kentucky. I gotta—"

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