Third time in a row that Sons of Anarchy has been overlooked, or more accurately SNUBBED from the Emmy’s, but above that f’ery is the fact that Katey Segal was HUGELY robbed of a nomination this year. She won the Golden Globe in January so it’s making me go WTF?! to see her not even get any recognition from the Emmy’s.


2. Katey Sagal: Back in January, she won the Golden Globe for Sons of Anarchy. Today, she got nothing. Worse than that, for Sons of Anarchy fans, the show got nothing. (5 biggest Emmy Snubs)


Commenters in our forum are delighted about top Emmy nominations for new TV shows such as “Game of Thrones.” They’re furious over the snubs of “Fringe” and “Sons of Anarchy” (x)


SheKnows is most crushed over the ongoing Sons of Anarchy snub, but even cranky show creator Kurt Sutter saw that one coming. “If we get any Emmy noms I’ll tattoo Emmys rule on my [expletive],” he tweeted yesterday. Sutter’s wife and star Katey Sagal certainly deserved a nod, but the sexy modern day Hamlet on motorcycles boasts much talent on both sides of the camera. (x)


"Sons of Anarchy" also got shut out. No nods for the series, or Katey Sagal, or anyone else in the major categories. Isn’t it considered one of the best shows on TV?

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    This truly is BS. SOA is a great show and deserves an Emmy nod. My buddy Chris is a recurring character on the show and...
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